NBC has mostly steered clear of Olympic controversies

02.21.14 4 years ago

NBC has mostly steered clear of Olympic controversies
As Paul Farhi points out, “NBC hasn’t entirely ignored the non-athletic events and issues surrounding these controversial Olympics,from the widely reported concerns about terrorism to cost overruns, corruption, worker exploitation, shabby hotels, problematic weather, suppression of political dissent and other bummer topics. But it has pushed them to the margins, usually out of prime-time and into late-night hours, where the audience is smaller and the downer talk doesn”t distract from the glossy main event.”

Pink will make a special appearance at the Oscars
The pop star will be part of a “highly anticipated moment on the broadcast.”

“Modern Family’s” teenage boys film on an Aussie beach with topless women

Rico Rodriguez and Nolan Gould, both 15, passed by several ladies wearing pasties.

Matthew McConaughey has watched each “True Detective” episode 2 to 3 times
McConaughey tells Queen Latifah he tried to watch normally, but couldn’t. PLUS: Alexandra Daddario says, “most people have been pretty great about the boob thing,” and read “True Detective” creator’s short stories.

“House of Cards” boss talks about Season 2 shocker, and how LBJ inspired Frank Underwood
“He shares a lot of the same aspects as Francis,” Beau Willimon says of President Lyndon Baines Johnson. “He came from nothing. He was a political mastermind and he stopped at nothing in order to accomplish what he wanted to accomplish.” PLUS: Did “CBS This Morning” spoil “House of Cards”?

It’s been 10 years since “Sex and the City’s” series finale

The HBO comedy’s last episode aired on Feb. 22, 2004.

The Onion mourns the death of the “beloved Seth Meyers character” on “SNL”
Find out how “Seth” was murdered.

Watch Clive Owen in Steven Soderbergh’s Starz drama “The Knick”

Owen is playing a surgeon in 1900 New York.

Lena Dunham is not jealous her boyfriend once dated Scarlett Johansson

The “Girls” star tells Bill Simmons that she was looking at a blog about famous people who used to date and spotted her boyfriend, former fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff with Johansson. She said she already knew they had dated, but had never seen a picture of them together.

“Boardwalk Empire” alum Charlie Cox will star on CBS’ pilot from John Cusack
He’ll play a hedge fund trader in a drama pilot that delves into the world or Wall Street.

Former NBC News anchor Garrick Utley dies

The versatile ex-foreign correspondent was a fill-in for Tom Brokaw on “NBC Nightly News.”

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