NBC waited till the end of ‘Christmas in Rockefeller Center’ to acknowledge the nearby protest

12.03.14 3 years ago

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NBC waited till the end of “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” to acknowledge the nearby protest
The protesters angry over the Eric Garner grand jury decision were one block away Rockefeller Center chanting “I Can”t Breathe.” Yet NBC”s broadcast ignored the major news event until the very end of tonight's primetime broadcast, when Matt Lauer said: “It's been a day of protests, in some cases, even close to where we're broadcasting…”

Did Netflix take advantage of the Eric Garner decision to promote “Peaky Blinders”?
As Twitter erupted in outrage over the decision not to indict the NYPD officer who chokehold killed Eric Garner, Netflix tweeted an image of “Peaky Blinders” with the words: “Just because you”re law enforcement doesn”t mean you”re law abiding. #PeakyBlinders.”

AMC orders “Preacher” pilot
The controversial comic about a badass Texas preacher is being brought to TV by Seth Rogen, his writing partner Evan Goldberg and former “Breaking Bad” producer Sam Catlin. PLUS: Seth Rogen promises, “We won”t f*ck it up.”

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Barbara Walters: Rosie O”Donnell isn”t leaving “The View”
“Everybody seems to be very happy as far as I know,” she tells “Extra.” “Whoopi and Rosie… it's a good group, it's an interesting group.”

Martin Freeman: Media should focus on Ferguson, not “Sherlock”s” shoulder
Freeman says Benedict Cumberbatch”s missing shoulder from last week”s promo shouldn”t have been a story. PLUS: Freeman is “kind of scared” about hosting “SNL.”

Kathy Bates is grateful for “American Horror Story”
After NBC canceled “Harry”s Law,” Bates says, “I had gotten sick with breast cancer, I was really in the dumps. I was really like, 'I”ll never work again. I”m too old. Blah blah blah.' Lo and behold, I get this amazing call from Ryan to come in and meet with him. He created these wonderful parts for me to play and I”ll be forever in his debt for that. He”s rejuvenated my career in a way that I have a young audience now and that”s fabulous!” PLUS: Ranking the 39 most shocking “American Horror Story” scenes.

Why no one deserves to win this season of “Survivor”
“Blood vs. Water” has proven to be slow, slow, slow.

Leonard Nimoy: 50 years ago today we shot the “Star Trek” pilot
That “first pilot” wouldn”t air in full on TV until 1988.

The Robin Williams Tunnel is one step closer to reality
Legislation to rename, or name, Marin County”s rainbow-colored Waldo Tunnel after Williams has been introduced.

Janeane Garofalo was at the “Girlfriends” Guide to Divorce” premiere party, despite her exit from the show
A Bravo spokesperson insists all is good between Garofalo and the Bravo series: “There was no fight. It was a mutual decision – creative differences.”

DirecTV could punish HBO over its streaming service
If HBO signs up 450,000 subscribers or 300,000 in any local market, the Wall Street Journal reports that DirecTV “would have the right to scale back its marketing of HBO, highlighting it in consumer offers for only five months of the year instead of 11 months. The contract also says DirecTV would immediately get the right to offer HBO”s streaming product as well, the people said.”

Check out “The Rise and Fall of G4”
A newly posted 24-minute video celebrates the channel devoted to video game users and technology.

“The Goldbergs” creator”s office is filled wall to wall with toys from the ’80s
Adam F. Goldberg”s collection includes Transformers, an Atari Tron joystick, Hot Wheels, and a Wonder Woman invisible jet. PLUS: “The Goldbergs” features the Hoverboard.

How the late-night green room has evolved
Conan O”Brien”s green rooms boast a PS2 and Zero Gravity massage chairs, while Jimmy Kimmel offers a buffet and beer.

Former “SNL” writer recalls Molly Shannon”s “physical fearlessness”
Cindy Caponera recalls Shannon as Mary Katherine Gallagher and a Joyologist. “Her physical fearlessness and that quirky, sympathetic character turned the audience on its ear,” she says.

The Situation is auctioning off his Ferrari tires on eBay
The former “Jersey Shore” star needs cash to pay off the millions in taxes he owes.

There was another “Full House” reunion
Ashley Olsen and Bob Saget reunited at a charity function on Tuesday.

Nick Offerman releases a music video
Watch the “Parks and Rec” star sing about whisky

Kandi Burruss” “Real Housewives of Atlanta” mother-in-law dies
Sharon Tucker, who appeared on Bravo reality show, died Tuesday of a stroke.

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