NBC: We’d be foolish not to think about a future Olympics without Bob Costas

02.17.14 4 years ago

NBC: We’d be foolish not to think about a future Olympics without Bob Costas
“We said after Sochi we would start to think about what life after Bob might be,” says NBC Sports chairman Mark Lazarus, “whether post-Rio, post-Pyeongchang, post-Tokyo, whenever he does not want to do it anymore. It is a big time commitment for a host. It is tons of research, tons of preparation and a ton of time away from your family. Certainly, we would be foolish not to be thinking about what a succession might look like. That is part of my job.” PLUS: NBC Olympics boss defends the Bode Miller interview, the New Yorker’s David Remnick talks about his unique role, and Costas describes his 6 days off the air.

“The Bible” movie has edited out scenes of the Obama-looking Satan character
Mark Burnett and Roma Downey wanted to avoid the controversy from “The Bible” miniseries.

Nat Geo opts not to proceed with an “Act of Valor” TV series
The cable channel won’t make a TV series based on the Navy SEAL movie so that it could concentrate on other scripted programming.

Jimmy Kimmel congratulates Jimmy Fallon, says he looks forward to them growing old as late-night competitors
“I look forward to doing this side-by-side until our suits look funny and our hair turns white #FalPals,” Kimmel tweeted.

“RuPaul”s Drag Race” renewed for Season 7
The pickup comes before the Season 6 premiere.

Nat Geo planning a tribute to the “Snake Salvation” pastor who died from a snake bite
National Geographic will air a one-hour special in tribute to Jamie Coots.

“The Americans” sent the media a mysterious manila envelope

Here are the details from the Season 2 press kit.

HBO “Rome” creator: “Game of Thrones” learned from our mistakes

“They learned a lot from a business commercial sense, what not to do,” says Bruno Heller of “Rome,” which ran fro 2005-07. “‘Rome’ was the first show HBO shot out of country with large budget that was period. The mistakes we made are the mistakes ‘Game of Thrones’ learned from. Many of the directors and producers are the same. Thrones is a brilliant show, brilliantly executed.”

“True Detective” creator was most excited about what Matthew McConaughey said in last night’s episode
Nic Pizzolatto delves into “True Detective’s” best episode yet. PLUS: “True Detective” is delving into new territory, and reading the 1895 book “The King in Yellow” will help you appreciate the show more.

The problem with “House of Cards”: Frank Underwood’s enemies don’t understand politics
Also, says David Weigel, “the media are completely oblivious to how Underwood cheerfully manipulates them.” PLUS: Don’t look for any deep meaning in “House of Cards,” in praise of THAT scene, and why Claire Underwood is a feminist warrior antihero.

Barbara Walters: I call my vibrator “a selfie”
The 84-year-old Walters tackled “self-love” on today’s “The View.”

What “The Walking Dead” can learn from “True Detective”
While the HBO series is opening more possibilities, we seem to be getting the same from the AMC zombie series. PLUS: Michael Cudlitz talks “Walking Dead.”

Andrew Rannells: “Girls” called me and asked me back 45 minutes after NBC canceled “The New Normal”
“I was supposed to do one episode,” he says, “the North Fork episode, and then, as luck would have it, the show that I was on, on NBC, ‘The New Normal,’ was canceled.”

Why HBO isn’t Netflix’s “bitch”
Talk of an HBO vs. Netflix rivalry is overblown.

Watch Conan chat with Ken Burns for 1 hour
It’s the latest episode of “Serious Jibber-Jabber” with Conan O’Brien.

“Sharknado” was a hot topic of conversation at this weekend’s Storm Chaser convention
“ChaserCon” also paid tribute to the stars of “Storm Chasers” who died last year.

Bus promotional posters in Topeka, Kansas feature “Big Bang Theory’s” Sheldon Cooper

“No bus pants needed!” says the poster.

BBC America teases “The Musketeers”

“The Three Musketeers”-inspired drama starring Peter Capaldi, Santiago Cabrera and “Skins” alum Luke Pasqualino, debuts in June.

“Star-Crossed” proves how CW shows are like nesting dolls

“At the center of each is a weepy young-adult melodrama,” says Mike Hale, “hidden inside a vampire show, a superhero show or a costume drama. The latest, ‘Star Crossed,’ on Monday night, uses science fiction as its shell.” PLUS: “Star-Crossed” sadly underestimates its teenage audience, and Aimee Teegarden picks her fave episode of the 13 she shot.

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