Neil Patrick Harris admits his ‘Birdman’ underwear had a secret

02.24.15 3 years ago

Neil Patrick Harris, the hardest-working man alive who doesn't scare us (ahem, Seacrest), opened up to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about the Oscars, making the mistake of reading tweets about the ceremony, and that tribute to “Birdman” involving the tightest of tighty-whities. Strahan got down to it: Were they stuffed, Neil? What's happening in there, Neil? Was there a small box of Apple Jacks in those briefs, Neil? We all deserve to know. Luckily, we find out. 

Aha. So a second pair of underwear was in play. Wonder if that underwear had a small cinder block attached to it? Just wondering, just wondering. 

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