Watch Nelly Furtado’s worldly ‘Waiting for the Night’ video

01.08.13 5 years ago

Nelly Furtado takes you around the world in black-and-white in her new video for “Waiting for the Night.”

The clip itself works through some geographic discplacement, as Furtado and her team of dancers don the looks of Dia de los Muertos revelers, and working their way through the tango, flamenco and tribal dance. That poor accordionist only has to sit there, the dear.

Perhaps its with my own bias that I request that all divas-in-wait blast the hell out of their songs with their vocals, but Furtado seems unchallenged in this dance-driven bit. She hangs out around Madonna range, which drives a little fear into me that this song ought to have just been sung by Madonna.

No matter: “Waiting for the Night” is already out and on Furtado’s latest “Spirit Indestructible.”

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