Netflix avoiding binge-watching model for ‘Between’

Senior Television Writer


This morning, actress Jennette McCurdy tweeted out news about the May 21 premiere date for her new Netflix series “Between,” about a town that gets quarantined after everyone over the age of 21 is killed by a mysterious virus. The interesting part here isn't the trailer itself, or the date, but the information at the very end of the trailer:


Yes, Netflix is passing on the binge-viewing model for this one, instead releasing episodes one week at a time.

Netflix has occasionally tweaked its release plans, like when its “Turbo” spin-off needed more time to complete the animation process, so the whole season didn't premiere at once. And Netflix has the rights to stream “Better Call Saul” episodes outside of the U.S. and Canada, and is sticking with weekly releases there, no doubt because AMC wouldn't agree to letting the rest of the world see most of the season before us. This is a similar situation: “Between” is being produced by Netflix, and by two Canadian outfits, TV network City and streaming outlet Shomi, and they're releasing episodes weekly to stick with the Canadian scheduling. (Netflix Canada will get episodes a year later.)

So, no, Netflix isn't abandoning the binge model, but they will make exceptions depending on the partnerships they have.

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