Opening lines of the new ‘Ghostbusters’ trailer sticks it to the haters

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The new Ghostbusters have been…contentious. Battle lines have been drawn. On the one hand, there are those of us excited about a new entry into the lexicon; on the other are those who think it”s a crime worthy of the Geneva Conventions. Not everyone who thinks Ghostbusters looks awful is sexist. But sexists definitely think the new Ghostbusters looks terrible. And they aren”t afraid to vocalize it. Loudly and often, to anyone who will (or won”t) listen.

Which is why the opening lines of the new trailer are a thing of beauty. “No one should have to encounter that kind of evil. Except you girls. I think you can handle it.”

Replace “evil” with “sea lions” and you”ve got a pretty accurate summary of what women deal with all day, everyday online. Incessant haunting, but we can handle it.

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As to the trailer itself? The bones of the plot are beginning to emerge. We”ve got someone or something amplifying supernatural activity. We”ve got the government trying to cover it up to keep folks from panicking. We”ve got jaded Millennials thinking a deadly gargoyle ghost is a special effect because of course we would think that. We”ve got Evil Kevin™, the Ghostbusters competent and crass, and the return of Slimer.

Yep. Still looking like my most anticipated film of the summer. Come at me, Sea Lions.

Ghostbusters arrives in theaters on July 15, 2016.

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