New ‘Horrible Bosses 2’ trailer: Sex addiction, Shower Daddies and ‘Fightclubbing’

09.30.14 3 years ago

As far as I can tell, every “Horrible Bosses 2” trailer released so far has ended with a sex joke involving Jennifer Aniston. This one does too, except that it curves it a bit by involving Jennifer Aniston but making the joke more about how Jason Bateman inadvertently says gay-sounding stuff. Cue laugh track!

Indeed, there are lots of quotable moments here for people in fraternities, including the part where the guys debate the names “Shower Buddy” vs. “Shower Daddy,” and the part where Jamie Foxx refers to “9 to 5” as the movie “about the white woman with the big-ass titties,” and also the part where the word “Fightclubbing” is coined because movie titles as verbs equals hilarity. Did I mention there's a gay sex joke involving Jason Bateman? Have fun with this.

“Horrible Bosses 2” hits theaters on November 26.

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