New ‘Saved by the Bell Story’ Clip: Zach and Screech Bond

08.26.14 3 years ago

Here it is, a new clip from my favorite movie I've never seen, Lifetime's “The Unauthorized 'Saved By the Bell' Story.” Based on Dustin Diamond's scintillating, actually boring memoir, the movie will chronicle the backstory of our beloved Bayside. Lark Voorhies is all set to be the greatest film heroine of our time, inevitably.

In this new clip, watch as Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Dylan Everett) and Dustin Diamond (Sam Kindseth) arrive on set for the first filming. The absurdity of this movie is so great, it is actually wonderful. I just shouted, “Good morning, Miss Bliss!” at the sky. The sun, which has always looked like Hayley Mills to me, winks back.

The movie premieres Labor Day on Lifetime.

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