New video with Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill offers insight into ‘Man of Steel’

05.20.13 4 years ago

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Earlier this year, we put out our list of the 25 most anticipated movies of Summer 2013. Appearing at number six on that list is the Zack Snyder directed “Man of Steel,” which features Henry Cavill playing, arguably, the most recognized of all superheroes, Superman.
This new Superman film, “Man of Steel,” hits theaters on June 14th.  In preparation, yesterday, a new behind the scenes video went up on Youtube which gives us a few more things we can expect from the upcoming movie. 
Right up front in the video, Snyder tells us that “Superman is the most powerful, but also the most vulnerable superhero you can imagine.” Why? They are going for a personal, emotionally vulnerable thing here so ‘kryptonite’ doesn’t quite seem to be the correct answer. Cavill points in the right direction when says that Clark is “an incredibly conflicted, lonely, and lost person.”
That really is the theme of this behind-the-scenes talk – “Man of Steel” is going to focus on Clark as an outsider. As producer Deborah Snyder says, the movie features our hero on a “quest to find out who he is, where he came from.”
The movie’s whole point of view, according to Snyder, starts at that point – Clark as an alien looking for his place.   Producer Charles Roven points out that we really haven’t gotten that Clark-as-alien perspective in film before, and that does seems like a different take on the character than we saw in the Reeve films. 
The interesting thing is that, as Snyder points out, we all have questions about who we are where we belong. So, it is part of the human condition, but not only the human condition. Clark’s questions on the subject may be harder to answer as he isn’t human and the rest of us, at minimum, have that in common.
The video doesn’t just promise a close up look at this troubled, questioning person, but also a grandiose vision with plenty of action. It should be noted that Russell Crowe, Laurence Fishburne, and Kevin Costner also appear in the video to suggest that hope is powerful theme in the film as well, so it won’t all be doom, gloom, and whiz-bang action.
We only have a few more weeks to wait until we see if they have managed to combine the small (non-)human touches with the larger spectacle.
Check it out for yourself:

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