New ‘Wolfman’ trailer turns up the mood

10.21.09 8 years ago 8 Comments

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I like it.

I think this film is going to be pure surface.  I’ve heard enough about it now to set my expectations at a certain level and hope that what this trailer promises is what the film actually delivers:  a weird, creepy reinvention of one of the most iconic and personal of all the Universal monsters.  Benicio Del Toro looks deranged in the movie, and he has the exact same sort of permanent sadness that Lon Chaney Jr. always had.  Even as a kid, watching those films, I felt like Chaney was so raw it was almost embarrassing.  

This new trailer has a modern score, and it sells the imagery harder than any earlier trailer or footage we’ve seen.  It still saddens me that much of Rick Baker’s original physical make-up has been augmented with CGI… but I can’t lie… some of what I see in this trailer is working for me.  It’s weird.  It’s dark.  It’s somehow sort of degenerate.  Hopkins looks like he’s playing a glorious scumbag.  Anyone want to bet on the source of the curse?

I know this film’s had a ton of post-production work done, a lot of additional photography, new sequences, rethinking, and reworking.  It’s moved release dates several times, finally landing at the start of 2010.  I’m curious to see how much of Mark Romanek’s work on the film in pre-production actually made it through in the finished style.  It really doesn’t look or feel anything like Johnston’s other films.

The high-def version of the trailer, the one you absolutely should be watching, is at right now.  Seriously… go watch that one.  It’s the right way to see it.

For those of you with impulse control problems, I present a YouTube version that barely does it justice, and I plan to judge you as you watch this presentation of it.  To check out some brand new images from the movie, click here.

See?  It’s an interesting second run at the marketing, very different from the earlier trailer this year.  Are you planning to check out this reboot when it hits theaters, or do you find yourself indifferent to the fate of “The Wolfman” at this point?

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