New Year’s Already?

12.31.08 9 years ago

Holy cow.  January 31st.  It hardly seems like it’s been a year since HitFix first went online, but here we…

… it’s only been two weeks?

Oh, crap, I’m really going to have to work this year, aren’t I? 

I mean, we’re talking about Sundance and SXSW and ComicCon and Fantastic Fest and Toronto and about a bazillion DVDs and BluRays and there’s this distinct possibility that “Bat Out Of Hell,” an indie film I wrote, is going to end up in front of the camera.  So yeah… I think 2009 will either make me a better writer and columnist and filmmaker, or it will break me in half like Tiny Lister on McLovin.

Let’s hope it’s option A.

Expect some weird sporadic posting today, and then starting tomorrow, we’re going to be talking about what 2009 looks like here on Motion/Captured and on HitFix at large.  We’ve moved in… time to start decorating the place, right?

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