New ‘Yogi Bear’ poster: Talk about a Boo-Boo

08.06.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

Perhaps the new poster for the forthcoming “Yogi Bear 3D” flick leaked before it passed through a couple of Warner’s editors, or maybe everyone’s mind is in the gutter…

But it could probably use a re-do.

The tagline “Great things come in bears” — as opposed to “pairs” — is coupled with a close up of the CGI Yogi grinning behind Boo-Boo. It’s unintentionally suggestive, for a kids movie. Let’s just keep it at that.

The teaser to the live-action and CGI movie is above. In addition to the vocal talents of Dan Aykroyd of Justin Timberlake as Yogi and Boo-Boo, respectively, Anna Faris, T.J. Miller and Tom Cavanagh star.  “Yogi Bear” is out Dec. 17.

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