Nic Cage goes 3D with ‘Drive Angry’

08.31.09 8 years ago

Walt Disney Company

Is it just me, or is Nicolas Cage working harder than ever before these days?

Admittedly, after people get a load of what he does in “Kick-Ass,” I think he’s going to be more in-demand than ever before.  But every time I turn around right now, I read about something else he’s got going, and these don’t seem to be endless development projects that go nowhere.  Instead, these are films that shoot one right after another, and as a result, there are something like five or six films a day coming out next year starring Cage.  Every day.  All year long.

Add one more, and it already sounds like it’s going to be one of the are-you-serious-I-think-I-have-to-see-that titles of the bunch.  Patrick Lussier, whose “My Bloody Valentine” remake was huge, silly fun in 3D, is set to direct a new 3D film starring Cage as a father whose daughter is killed and whose granddaughter is kidnapped. 

He goes after the men who did it, and it turns into some hyped-up 3D hybrid of “Death Race” and “Duel” and that last epic half-hour of “The Road Warrior.”  “Taken” behind the wheel.

At least, that’s what I hope it turns into.  It is, after all, called “Drive Angry.”

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This is a Louisiana production, evidently, with Nu Image/Millenium taking advantage of their new $10 million facility, according to Borys Kit, who broke the story.

I like the idea, frankly.  It’s a big amped up lunatic revenge story.  It’s a classic exploitation set-up.  If they deliver, it could be a movie that becomes an instant nerd classic.  Cage is always willing to push himself to make big , crazy, unsafe choices as an actor, and there are times where he falls on his face.  But there are also still plenty of times where his caution-to-the-wind pays off.

Here’s hoping this is one of them.

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