Nick Jonas takes his Administration on the road

12.01.09 8 years ago

AP Photo

Wednesday night”s performance on “Grammy Nominations Concert Live”  by Nick Jonas & the Administration may be your first chance to see the younger JoBro”s solo outing, but it won”t be the last.
The band will start a 14-city tour on Jan. 2, followed by a new album out Feb. 2, according to People

Jonas Bros.’ fans know that Nick was originally signed as a solo act, so this move should come as no surprise. With no disrespect to the contributions by his brothers, Joe and Kevin, Nick is the musical leader of the group in the same way that Taylor Hanson is the top talent within Hanson.

Before any Jonas Bros. fans throw themselves off a building, NJ and the Admin is a side project and the Jonas Bros. will continue. The Jonas Bros. are not breaking up.  Step away from the ledge. This just means there”s more Nick to go around.

Backing up Nick in the new venture are three member of Prince”s New Power Generation and Jonas Bros.”s producer John Fields. “The funk R&B rock style we” were going for is definitely there, ” Nick tells People.

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