Watch: Nickelback’s new video for ‘Trying Not To Love You’ with Jason Alexander

08.17.12 5 years ago

Jason Alexander has a nice little side gig going with his work in music videos. After appearing in Brad Paisley”s clips for “Celebrity” and “Online,” he”s back as an everyman barista in Nickelback”s clip for “Trying Not To Love You.”

He plays a double role as Bud, the sweet schlub who has a way with a cappuccino maker, and as his unnamed nemesis, who has elevated the art of coffee-making to an Olympic sport.

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Bud is thunderstruck when “Baywatch”s” Brooke Burns comes in to the coffee shop, not only because she looks better than a half-caf/double latte with a lemon twist, but because she also is sweet and nice.

Nickelback, which has never shied away from adoring the female form, has a little fun with Burns here, as Bud imagines her in bikini floating on a raft in a cup of latte and rubbing coffee beans all over her body in her bra and panties.

Bud”s scooter-riding competition arrives and, soon, all eyes are on him. Or are they? The video will warm your heart just as much as a good cup of joe warms you on a wintery day.

And bonus for all you Nickelback haters out there– the band appears nowhere in the video except as a quick design in the coffee. 

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