Nicki Minaj returns to Twitter, announces ‘Starships’ video release

04.25.12 6 years ago

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Rest easy, Barbz…she’s back.

“*salutes the nation of Pinkslam* *hugs the barbz* *kisses the barbz*,” wrote Nicki Minaj a few hours ago, in the first tweet following her agonizing week-long hiatus from Twitter. Though apparently the de- and subsequent re-activation of her account caused the hip-hopper to lose the majority of her several million followers on the social network, on last check the tally was moving up into much healthier territory, with over 4.4 million devotees present and accounted for and the rest, assured the rapper, soon to follow: “State of the Union: Dear Barbz, our nation will not be fully reinstated to 11 million for another few days as per @twitter. It takes time ;)”.

Phew! Were you as worried as I was?

Of course, Minaj’s return was clearly motivated by something other than blatant egomania (though I have no doubt that also played a factor), as evidenced by her third tweet to roll off the line: “The Starships video premieres tomorrow on MTV @ 7:56pm EST.”

You mean she hasn’t stopped putting out music videos? Oh, praise the saints!

A few other gems and revelations from the “Right By My Side” singer’s prolific Twitter return:

“Barbz, the UK showed me so much love it was a bit overwhelming. Its like they totally get us…the signing was so emotional. they’re ratchet”

“Plus!!! We’re shooting the video to “Right by my side” this week! :-)”

“Lol stop! > RT @Flawless_EhEhF1: @NICKIMINAJ Nic niggas really lost they minds without u on here. Like…we was borderline psycho.”

“In a few days > RT @DekendrickS: @NICKIMINAJ When are you planning to announce the U.S TOUR DATES?”

“MM will > RT @Waikikiiiiiiiii: @NICKIMINAJ Are Fire Burns, Marilyn Monroe, & Young Forever gonna be singles? #TakeYoTime”

“Yup and I know exactly whr I’m shooting it!!! > RT @Street1kills: @NICKIMINAJ will whip it be a single it’s truly amazing! #NickiWhipsIt”

“RT @DARRENNCOOPER: @NICKIMINAJ I am gonna buy your perfume even though I am a boy that’s a true barb right there, buy anything Nicki related”

“I have a special surprise for the tour. Hahahhaha! I feel bad for anybody in the front row! *continues to laugh*”

Hahahahahahahahaha! Oh, Nicki!

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