Nicole Beharie Calls Out Tom Mison’s GIF-able Behavior During ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Interview

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SAN DIEGO – Fox”s breakout 2013 freshman show “Sleepy Hollow” was back at Comic-Con with stars Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane) and Nicole Beharie (Abbie Mills).

Even with all the excitement and new found celebrities, they”d both managed to sneak down to the floor. Tom in particular found something impressive.

“I went down to the floor and I saw a man dressed a Han Solo encased in carbonite. He”d made a full cardboard thing…that was my favorite.”

Both stars were professionally dodging questions about how – or IF – Mison would escape from his coffin cliffhanger at the end of Season One when Beharie called him out for some sassy hand gestures.

Tom lamented, “Damn it”s immortalized.”

Season two has more of the same stunts for Mison – swinging swords and other fight choreography – but Beharie talked about getting some interesting stunt work. 

“I have some diving. Some water work…some deep sea work.”

“Sleepy Hollow” returns to Fox on September 22.

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