Nik Wallenda’s blindfoldead tightrope walk a success: Next, a headstand on a wire

11.03.14 3 years ago

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Nik Wallenda”s blindfolded Chicago tightrope walk a success – next, he”ll do a headstand on a wire
Discovery Channel”s “Skyscraper Live” walk mostly uneventful, despite Wallenda wearing a blindfold for the first time. But Wallenda hopes to add doing a headstand to his next feat. As Brian Lowry points out, the actual walk consumed about seven minutes of screentime, so hosts Willie Geist and Natalie Morales had the thankless task of filling time for 95 minutes.

With a controversial monologue, Chris Rock gave “SNL” a pulse
“It”s been so long since transgressive comedy was welcome on ‘SNL' that (Saturday”s) opening monologue was shocking,” says Jeremy Gerard, “for which we should be deeply grateful. Rock stormed not bravely but gleefully, which is a lot better, into forbidden territory. The locked room behind the sign that says DON”T GO THERE, and which therefore is irresistible, a siren call to a certain species of comedian we really couldn”t live without.”

John Oliver marks 1 million YouTube subscribers
“I think of YouTube subscribers the way I think of pogs,” said the “Last Week Tonight” host. “I recently acquired quite a lot of them, and I”m not exactly sure what they do.”

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AMC warns DirecTV “Walking Dead” viewers they”re going to lose the network, plus more
AMC ran a message promoting, which states: “DirecTV customers you risk losing AMC, BBC America, IFC, Sundance TV, We TV” at the end of the year.

“Gotham” to introduce Scarecrow
Says exec producer Danny Cannon: “We're breaking the story now, the villain will be seen as a child, before he takes on the Scarecrow moniker. In fact, it's something that will be passed on to him from his father, which will create an eventual enemy for Batman while still having an adversary for Jim Gordon.”

Katherine Heigl: I don”t think I”m rude, but I”ve made mistakes
The “State of Affairs” star was asked in a Facebook Q&A about reports that she was rude in her past jobs.

“American Horror Story's” Twisty clown costume was all the rage on Halloween
Even kids dressed up as the scary “Freak Show” clown.

PBS” “Masterpiece” is expanding
At least 20 hours of new programming will be added, airing before and after the traditional 9 pm timeslot.

NBC: Meteorologist wasn”t peeing on “NBC Nightly News”
Mike Seidel appeared to be relieving himself during a live shot, when actually he was looking for his dropped cellphone, says the network.

Angie Harmon and husband Jason Sehorn spilt up
The “Rizzoli & Isles” and her NFL veteran husband famously got engaged on Jay Leno”s “Tonight Show” in 1998. They have three daughters.

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