‘Now 30’ enters Billboard 200 at No. 1, ‘Twilight’ stuns at No. 3

04.01.09 9 years ago

March Madness takes over the Billboard 200 as a dozen CDs released the last week of the month storm onto the top tenth of the chart.

According to Billboard , this week marks the first time 12 titles have debuted in the Top 20.

I don’t know how this happens in an iTunes world, but “Now 30,” the latest (possibly, even the 30th…) in the series of multi-label, top pop song compilations, comes in at No. 1, moving 146,000 copies. Given that probably all the songs on “Now 30′ are available for download, the series clearly appeals to folks who want to keep up with the hits, but still aren’t download savvy and/or don’t want to have to cherry pick for themselves. “Now” doesn’t sell like it used to, but what does? Plus, “Now” has taken on the status conferred on Readers Digest Condensed Books, when I was little. They’re cheesy, they’re not for deep music fans, but there are collectors out there who want the whole series. Keeping with the “12” theme, “Now 30” is the twelveth in the “Now” range to hit No. 1.

Rounding out the rest of the Top 5 are “Hannah Montana: The Movie Soundtrack,” which sells 139,000 (we’ll see how the movie does, but I’m wondering if we’re starting to see the Sell-By date approaching on both Montana’s Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Bros. phenomenon?); the “Twilight” soundtrack is No. 3; Keri Hilson’s debut, “In a Perfect World,” enters at No. 4 and last week’s No. 1, Kelly Clarkson’s “All I Ever Wanted,” drops to No. 5.
Other noteworthy debuts include rockers Papa Roach at “Metamorphosis” at No. 8, rapper Jim Jones at No. 9 with the cleverly-titled “Pray IV Reign,” country diva Martina McBride at No. 10 with “Shine” and metal monsters Mastadon at No. 11 with “Crack the Skye.” That’s quite a diverse foursome, isn’t it? Can you imagine the four acts making polite cocktail chat? I’m going to imagine that all day.

By the way, according to Billboard’s rules, catalog titles aren’t eligible to come back on the chart. Therefore, Pearl Jam’s reissue/enhanced version of its classic “Ten” is relegated to Top Pop Catalog Albums, where it comes in at No. 1.

Next week, Flo-Rida is probably a lock to come in at No. 1 with “R.O.O.T.S,” but he’ll face some stiff competition from Keith Urban’s “Defying Gravity.”

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