Of course Brandon Flowers covers INXS like a champ

04.15.15 2 years ago

LOS ANGELES – The Killers' Brandon Flowers is stepping out solo once again this spring, and last night at the Troubador in L.A. he gave a quick preview of three new songs and the sounds fans can expect out of “The Desired Effect,” out May 19.

Flowers also further revealed his love for a major influence — INXS — as he launched into a cover of the Aussie band's “Don't Change.”

“One of the things most profound about INXS is this song we're about to cover, it has such a strong identity,” Flowers said, also mentioning that INXS was the subject of the first band poster he ever bought. “['Don't Change'] is on their first record, and they seemed to really know who they were. You don't really hear that a lot anymore.”

Flowers' fresh tunes “Dreams Come True,” Peter Gabrielian “Still Want You” and glittery single “Can't Deny My Love” have a bright, Super Bowl-sized dance effect and, like on his first solo outing “Flamingo,” have more love-lorn Las Vegas tales with a Human League dance sheen.

The singer mostly played with a six-piece backing, through brought out a pair of horn players for a handful of the 16-song setlist.

Check out a couple of Flowers' huge new tracks below.

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