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12.16.08 9 years ago

Paramount/20th Century Fox

One thing that’s been very gratifying to see happen over the last year and a half or so has been the gradual resurgence of the revival scene in Los Angeles.  I think there’s a long way to go before we’ve got the movie culture we should have here, but venues like the New Beverly and the Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater have definitely been making major inroads.

Of course, there’s always been the Egyptian and the Aero, with the programming for the American Cinematheque, and I admire everything they’ve done.  But it’s nice to see other theaters also getting into the game.

Check out this event description:

Laemmle Theatres is pleased to present 70/70: A Series of 70mm Films Celebrating Laemmle’s 70th Anniversary. All screenings will take place at the Royal Theatre in West Los Angeles and benefit various local charities. On Friday, December 19th, three films will screen: THE REMAINS OF THE DAY at 5:15 pm, follwed by TOMMY at 8:00 pm and PINK FLOYD: THE WALL at 11:00 pm. On Saturday, December 20th, there will be three films from James Cameron: THE ABYSS will be at 4:00 pm, TITANIC at 7:00 pm, and ALIENS at 11:00 pm. On Sunday, December 21st, four films from the 1980s: TOP GUN at 1:00 pm, GREMLINS at 4:00 pm, INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE at 7:00 pm (preceded by a selection of 70 mm trailers), and THE UNTOUCHABLES at 10:00 pm. On Monday, December 22nd, two outer space classics: STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN at 5:15 pm and the original ALIEN at 8:00 pm. Concluding the series on Tuesday, December 23rd are THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER at 5:15 pm and 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY 8:00 pm. All films will screen from 70 mm prints.”

I believe the correct response to an announcement like that is “Oh, hellyesI’mgoingtobethere!”  When I was a kid, I’d take any opportunity to see a 70mm print of anything, and some of these movies do not screen often in any format theatrically, much less like this.

You can follow this link to buy tickets or learn more about the event.  I’m not sure how many of the films I’ll make it to, but I guarantee I’ll try to hit at least a few of them.

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