On The Screen (2.20.09) Tyler Perry and fake teenagers

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This will not take long.

February’s never great for movie releases, but this month in particular feels like a complete drag, and this weekend is the worst of it.  That is, unless you’re a huge fan of Tyler Perry or cheerleader comedies.

Case in point…

“Madea Goes To Jail”

I’m not the audience for Tyler Perry films, but not for the reason you might think.

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I think he paints in stereotype, and I think his sense of humor is so broad it makes “The Little Rascals” look like Moliere.  I don’t care what color his casts are… it’s the overall community theater tone of his work that I don’t connect with.

I am glad he has an audience that feels like he is speaking directly to them.  I do not begrudge them their twice-annual dose of Perry at this point.  I don’t have to hate his existence just because I don’t like his movies.  I just choose not to see them after giving three or four of them a try.  If I hear he’s radically shaken up the formula, maybe I’ll try again, but until then, he’ll have to release “Madea Goes To Camp” and “Madea Goes Bananas” without my reviews.

I’m sure he’ll survive.

“11 Minutes”

Normally I’d say that this documentary is also not aimed at me, since I know very little about the fashion world, but I thought “The September Issue” was one of the most enjoyable films at Sundance, and that’s a documentary about making one issue of Vogue, so obviously the subject matter can be interesting.

If this look at one of the winners of “Project Runway” as he tries to launch his first collection since winning manages to comment on reality TV and living up to empty hype and instant fame, then those are all subjects that are worth discussion now.  If it’s just a puff piece designed to further his moment of fame, then I’m not sure it’s for me.

Still… I’m curious.

“Fired Up”

Two guys in their 40s decide to skip football camp to attend cheerleader camp so they can tag some ass.


The primary cast of “Grease” looked younger than these people.  At what point are we going to stop having people who can remember when Studio 54 was actually a hot nightclub play teenagers in current films?

“Delhi 6”

If you’ve got a theater near you that actively programs Bollywood films, then keep an eye out for this one, opening in limited release today.  I’m not able to really pin down what it’s about, and I suspect that wouldn’t change even if I saw the film.

“AMC Best Picture Showcase”

Finally, if you’re looking for a rev-up to the Oscars, AMC is holding their annual event where you can pay one price and get a ticket to an all-day marathon of all five of the Best Picture nominees.  If you need to catch up, this is the perfect way to do it.

Next week’s looking a little on the slim side, too, but at least we’ll have a new Harrison Ford film to discuss.  Until then…

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