Watch: Ginnifer Goodwin is learning to use magic for ‘Once Upon a Time’

07.22.12 5 years ago

SAN DIEGO — Ginnifer Goodwin may be better known as Snow White in her ABC show “Once Upon a Time,” but she was rocking a seriously red look for press at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Perhaps it’s just a small indication of how Snow — aka Mary Margaret — will be adjusting how she “represents herself.”

Now that the curse has been broken in the television show’s Storybrooke hometown, fans will see a lot of growth from every character, as they learn their own magic abilities during Season 2. However, “Magic operates differently in this world, so we don’t necessarily know what the effects of using magic will be,” Goodwin said.

She’s looking forward to learning more about Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and her backstory this season. Whose would you like to see most?

Season 2 of “Once Upon a Time” launches this fall. Check out the complete interview with the fashionable Goodwin above.

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