One last ‘Muppets’ nudge… from Miss Piggy

11.10.11 6 years ago 9 Comments

Alright, so we all had our fun. With the news that Brian Grazer is coming on board to “save” the Oscars, one gets the feeling that the Academy is ready to just move along, swiftly. So I’m not betting on the most creative Oscarcast. Do your best and get the hell out of this year. That kind of thing.

So, no room to pay for and mobilize The Muppets to have a key role in things, no matter if all you really need is a chair with a hole in it. But earlier today, the @MuppetOscars Twitter account shot up by 6,000 followers (going from 700+ in the morning to over 6,700 as of 9pm PT), with “Muppets” trending at one point. The Facebook page blew up with “likes” and messages; 10,000 followers there. Members of the international audience even chimed in: “I’d actually watch it… at 4am!” Fan art. Etc.

So, you know, do what you want, Mr. Grazer and the Academy. Whatever you think is best. Really. Tough spot to be in. But, you know, consider…

And hey, if it’s no dice, then it’s no dice. But Miss Piggy over there looks mighty serious. At least given the @MuppetOscars campaign some air time? “We’re sorry, The Muppets weren’t available to host, so you get me, Ben Stiller.” That kind of thing?

In the meantime, here’s how the magic worked once before:

Alright, I’m done. Good luck, Mr. Grazer.

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