‘Orphan’ star joins ‘Hunger Games,’ Tributes all cast

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OK, “Hunger Games” fans — the final tributes have been selected for the upcoming adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling novel.  Cato and Clove, from District 2, will be played by Alexander Ludwig and Isabelle Fuhrman, respectively.

The film depicts a dystopian future, where each district sends two teens to take part in epic gladiatorial battles known as the Hunger Games.

The main protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, will be played by Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence (“Winter’s Bone,” “X-Men: First Class”). Other cast members include Stanley Tucci (“The Lovely Bones), Wes Bentley (“American Beauty”), Paula Malcomson (“Caprica”), Elizabeth Banks (“Zach and Miri Make a Porno”), Willow Shields (as Katniss’ sister, Primrose), Liam Hemsworth and, announced yesterday, Woody Harrelson as Katniss’ mentor Haymith Abernaty.

Ludwig co-starred in 2007’s fantasy film “The Seeker: The Dark is Rising,” and in 2009’s “The Race to Witch Mountain,” with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Fuhrman was the creepy kid star of last year’s “Orphan,” and co-starred in the Sundance-screened “Salvation Boulevard.”

Here’s compete list of the tributes and the performers who will portray them:

District 1:
Marvel – Jack Quaid
Glimmer – Leven Rambin

District 2:
Cato – Alexander Ludwig
Clove – Isabelle Fuhrman

District 3:
Boy Tribute – Ian Nelson
Girl Tribute – Kalia Prescott

District 4:
Boy Tribute – Ethan Jamieson
Girl Tribute – Tama Macken

District 5:
Boy Tribute – Chris Mark
Girl Tribute – Jacqueline Emerson

District 6:
Boy Tribute – Ashton Moio
Girl Tribute – Kara Petersen

District 7:
Boy Tribute – Sam Ly
Girl Tribute – Leigha Hancock

District 8:

Boy Tribute – Samuel Tan
Girl Tribute – MacKenzie Lintz

District 9:
Boy Tribute – Imanol Yepez-Frias
Girl Tribute – Annie Thurman

District 10:

Boy Tribute – Jeremy Marinas
Girl Tribute – Dakota Hood

District 11:
Thresh – Dayo Okeniyi
Rue – Amandla Stenberg

District 12:
Katniss Everdeen – Jennifer Lawrence
Peeta Mellark – Josh Hutcherson

Check out Lionsgate’s cool Facebook Tribute feature here.

What do you think of all the Tributes?


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