Oscar 2009: Report say Ledger’s family to accept Oscar on his behalf

02.01.09 9 years ago

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A few weeks ago, during a video taped panel of The Envelope.com prognosticators, I remarked that it was still unclear who would be accepting the Best Supporting Oscar on Heath Ledger’s behalf.  Especially, as it’s clear “The Dark Knight'” star’s stunning portrayal as the Joker is a lock to win.  Award Season had previously found Director Christopher Nolan delivering the finest acceptance speech of his career picking up Ledger’s Golden Globe and Gary Oldman became choked up as he accepted Ledger’s Screen Actor’s Guild Award.  Now, according to Entertainment Weekly‘s Adam Vary, during remarks at last night’s DGA Awards, Nolan has said that Ledger’s family will rightfully appear on stage to represent their son.

There had been some scuttlebutt (i.e, gossip) that Ledger’s ex-wife and mother of his daughter , Michelle Williams, might accept the award and that his family wasn’t necessarily happy about the possibility, but its hard to believe that was ever a viable option. 

It’s still unclear who from Ledger’s family will journey from his native Australia to Hollywood’s illustrious Kodak Theater, but the popular magazine speculates his father Kim, mother, Sally and older sister Kate could all appear on stage to accept the award. 

Peter Finch’s win for Best Actor in 1976’s “Network” is the only time the Academy Awards has given out a posthumous statue in its history.  That award was accepted by the film’s screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky and Finch’s widow Eletha.

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