Our favorite reality TV showmances – Romber, Brenchel and more

02.12.15 3 years ago

For all of its failures to produce lasting love (we're looking at you, “The Bachelor”), reality TV does consistently deliver satisfying and entertaining relationships. They are known as the showmance.

Like actual love, showmances are complicated. The word suggests situational relationships, ones that are confined to the show. Perhaps two people came together because of their limited options among their castmates, or perhaps they are using each other to get further in a game.

They can be platonic or comic, strategic or serious. Some are entirely fictional, crafted by editors and fueled by viewers' fantasies; others blossom without any help at all. Very few of them last, but some actually do result in long-term, successful relationships.

Even if they don't last, all of these showmances have found a special place in our hearts.

Chime in with any favorites we left off…

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