‘Outlander’ cranks danger level to 11 in the first trailer for the April premiere

Deputy Entertainment Editor


We might still be four months out from the return of Claire, Jamie, and Scottish Santa, but the hype machine is roaring to life now. As part of “25 Days of Outlander Offerings” ahead of the Christmas Day marathon on Starz, the first glimpse of what”s in store for the gang in the second half of Season One has been released.

The highlands are a dangerous place for a woman alone. Or in a group. Or as a man. Or just for humans in general.

So much is happening in such a short video! Jamie looks angry but then he just looks dead. Claire looks like she”s being hauled to a good old-fashioned hanging while the townsfolk cheer and jeer. Scottish Santa looks like he wants to punch his brother right in the face, but it”s in bad taste to hit a man with Toulouse-Lautrec Syndrome. Gilly is distressed and just about everyone is screaming in pain/rage.

Oh, and Claire”s fur-trimmed coat is still fabulous!

If you can”t wait until April 4 for the premiere, have no fear. Starz is releasing new exclusive content daily for “Outlander” fans to enjoy between now and Christmas Day on their official Twitter page.

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