Lea Salonga, the voice of Princess Jasmine, still rocks her song after 20 years


True modern-day immortality happens when you voice a character in a Disney animated film. FLAWLESS immortality is achieved if you managed to do it at the height of the Disney Renaissance. Demi-God status is obtained if you gave voice to TWO Disney heroines in the span of 10 years. 

Bow down before Lea Salonga, who was the singing voice for Princess Jasmine AND Mulan.

GIF by DopeyBeauty

Recently Ms. Salonga reminded the world why she's the Queen while performing with the operatic pop group Il Divo. Being serenaded by four Aladdins' is nice work if you can get it. Even after two decades, her voice is ON POINT.

In fact, the only thing screwing up this trip down memory lane is the lack of Brad Kane – the original singing voice for Aladdin. As nice as Il Divo are, they're no Prince Ali of Ababwa.


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