‘Parks and Rec’ star: ‘I cried like a bitch’ when filming wrapped today

12.12.14 3 years ago

Aziz Ansari's Instagram

“Parks and Rec” star: “I cried like a bitch” when filming wrapped today
Jim O”Heir tweeted: “I”d like to say I was manly and strong when they called series wrap… but the truth is… I cried like a bitch. #greatestjobever #love” The above photo is from Aziz Ansari's Instagram. PLUS: Check out last-day pics from Ansari, Billy Eichner, Adam Scott, Michael Schur, Nick Offerman and O”Heir.

CBS is attempting another “Criminal Minds” spinoff
Episode 19 will introduce a new elite team that travels the globe to help local law enforcement deal crises involving American citizens abroad. The previous “Criminal Minds” spinoff starred Forest Whitakaer and lasted 13 episodes in the 2010-11 season.

Jon Hamm considers himself “old and irrelevant”
“Ask anyone under the age of twenty if they have heard of me and they will go ‘no, that guy looks like my dad,”” says the 43-year-old “Mad Men” star. “It doesn”t compute to the generation that most of Hollywood cares about, If your last name”s not Hemsworth or you are not in One Direction or you don”t wear a cape and tights for a living, you literally have a hard time making an impression.” PLUS: Hamm says “Mad Men's” wrap party “ended in a sort of massive drinking session at about 2 a.m.

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Fox is remastering “Buffy” with an HD widescreen version – and crew members visible!
“The problem,” says Todd VanDerWerff, “is that the HD ‘Buffy” seems to have simply chosen at random how to change the program's aspect ratio. Some shots have added visual information at the edges, while others crop out visual information at the top and bottom, making the shot wider, sure, but also removing crucial context here and there. Some shots have even had effects and other important visual cues removed entirely.”

How CBS tricked Sony into thinking “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune” would be unaffected by “Thursday Night Football”
Hacked e-mails show that Sony was concerned because the two game shows air on dozens of CBS affiliates, which would require preemptions in some markets.

Cheryl Ladd to guest on “Anger Management” as Martin Sheen”s girlfriend
The elder Sheen is reprising his role as Charlie”s dad.

Watch “New Girl”s” “Fat Schmidt” singing and dancing to Rihanna
Max Greenfield filmed the video years ago, but it was pulled off the Internet. Now it”s back.

Looking back at 2014″s failed TV shows
“The Neighbors,” “Enlisted” and “Believe” are among this year”s TV casualties.

How “Clarissa Explains It All” helped change children”s TV
Nickelodeon”s first sitcom, starring Melissa Joan Hart, paved the way for kids” programming that would “explode kids” TV.”

TV Guide Network tested hundreds of names before picking “Pop”
Pop was the only name that didn”t alienate TVGN viewers.

“Arrow” casts “Beastmaster” alum Marc Singer
He”ll play DC Comics “Creature Commandos” leader Matthew Shrieve.

Meet “Survivor”s” medical staff
Here”s an inside look at the medical team that allowed Missy to stay on this week”s episode.

TLC investigates “The Secret Santa”
Sunday”s Christmas movie takes a stab at the fake documentary genre.

The 15 best new characters of 2014
From Molly Solverson to Rust Cohle and Marty Hart.

Why Aaron Sorkin will be missed on TV, despite his flaws
Only a few people have been so good at “putting words in the mouths” of actors. PLUS: Why are people still hate-watching “The Newsroom”?

George R.R. Martin releases “Game of Thrones” memes for the holidays
As Martin explains on Twitter, he”s “just spreading Christmas Cheer.”

Farewell to TV”s “Difficult Men”
The end of “Mad Men” will mark the end of an era as television evolves to be more diverse.

“The Walking Dead” fans are still upset about Beth
Nearly two weeks later, a segment of fans are complaining that Emily Kinney”s character deserved better.

Family friend sues “Real Housewives” star Kim Richards sued over pit bull attack
Kay Rozario is suing claiming the dog viciously attacked her while visiting Richards.

Syfy boss explains his “genre-heavy” mission
Pointing to shows like “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead,” Dave Howe says “there's been an explosion of this genre across pretty much every broadcast and cable network. We have to position ourselves as the experts in this space, and we have to be seen to be tackling the smartest projects: genre-heavy as opposed to genre-lite.”

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” stars dress up for Good Housekeeping
Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero “trade their cop costumes for chic and modern classics.”

Josh Charles becomes a dad
“The Good Wife” alum welcomed a son on Tuesday.

Netflix”s “Marco Polo” is a middling mess
The 10-part genre series reportedly cost $90 million. “Creatively, it”s just a middling mess – something so average that a basic cable channel could have duplicated it without all the foreign travel for about $84 million less,” says Tim Goodman. “Shot in Italy, Kazakhstan and Malaysia, Marco Polo looks, on the surface, to be the company's bold attempt to create something as densely ambitious and widely acclaimed as HBO”s Game of Thrones, but ends up being a hodgepodge of locations, accents and obvious storytelling that will probably sell well internationally but do little to make this the Next Big Thing for Netflix.” PLUS: It fails to capture the appeal of “Game of Thrones,” the dialogue is 40% words and 60% grunts, heaves, groans and moans, it”s a not-so-epic epic, see a visual map of who”s who, and its most egregious flaw is its exploitation of female characters.

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