Patient Zero for the zombie apocalypse will feature on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’



We already know “Fear the Walking Dead” – the companion series to AMC”s “The Walking Dead” – will take place in the early days of the zombie outbreak. Set on the west coast, “FtWD” will follow a family as they try to make sense of this apocalypse in a world where zombie pop culture never manifested and therefore no genre-savviness exists.


But what we didn”t know is just how early those days are. Now ComicBook has revealed Lexi Johnson will play Patient Zero on the show. You know, her:

Image Credit: AMC

This kind of throw her promotional photo into a whole new context. Johnson”s zombie (Gloria) has seen better days. She”s been stabbed and she”s lost her shoes. But that knife wound now looks like it happened post-zombification as her pristine white tank dress isn”t soaked through. Did Gloria escaped from a hospital? A secret government lab? Something even more sinister?

We”ll never know. Despite her title of “Patient Zero,” Johnson”s zombie gets no backstory. “FtWD” showrunner Dave Erickson has said before there are no plans to solve the mystery of the zombie plague.

Gloria might be the first zombie ever. Or she might just be the first zombie in Los Angeles. Hopefully it”s the latter or the contagion rate would be truly staggering to reach Georgia – and decimate the country – by the time Rick woke up from his coma.

“Fear the Walking Dead” premieres on AMC on August 23, 2015.

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