Patrick Stewart teases Professor Xavier’s role in the next ‘Wolverine’ movie


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Every time a new installment of a superhero franchise comes out, one or more of the main cast will bandy about the idea of hanging up the cape for good. But perhaps no one has tried to gracefully untangle themselves from their character as often as Hugh Jackman.

But try as he might, the “X-Men” just keep roping him back in. And with Marvel reintroducing Old Man Logan in their post SECRET WARS comic universe, the stage is set for Jackman to play Wolverine until he”s on his death bed. At least he won”t be alone?

During a recent interview with Collider Patrick Stewart slipped loose from the bonds of secrecy to confirm Professor Xavier will appear in the final part of the “Wolverine” trilogy.

There is a project in development. I understand that Professor Xavier will be making more than an appearance, however, and that intrigues me.

Of course, the “X-Men” movie universe now has more than one version of the good professor, so one could think Stewart was merely playing the obfuscation game. Until this definitive pronoun dropped:

“And the idea of an old Wolverine – I”m really looking forward to Hugh Jackman getting old. You know, damn him. He looks so great! So I”m hoping to see him covered in prosthetics, you know? And then he”ll make me look better if that”s the case.

There you have it. Sir Patrick Stewart wants to star along side Old Man Logan. Of course, the next “Wolverine” movie is decidedly about Old Man Logan. And Stewart saying he wants to stand next to prosthetically-aged Hugh Jackman doesn”t mean Stewart”s version of Charles Xavier will be in “Wolverine” come 2017.

But it”s a pretty safe bet.

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