Pete Wentz interview: Is Fall Out Boy’s new greatest hits also its swan song?

11.18.09 8 years ago

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Fall Out Boy released “Believers Never Die” on Tuesday, but the last person to ask if the best-of collection spells the end of the emo band is co-founder Pete Wentz.
He”s as in the dark as the rest of us. The band is on hiatus and the future is unclear:  “It”s so hard for me to say. I think the biggest thing is that people want us to give a definitive
when we”ll go on tour again or when we”ll put more music out– and there just isn”t one,” he told me during a recent interview for AOL.  “If I said one, that would be a lie and if I said that there wasn”t going to be one, that would be a lie too because I don”t really know.”
Wentz also admits there”s a back story to the collection”s new tune, “From Now On We Are Enemies,” but he wants fans to do a little digging around on their own to find it. “It is in quotes for a reason: it”s a quote. It”s really hard to find,” he says. “It”s an interesting story. The closest thing that comes to explaining that are the lyrics are the thoughts of two different men and the perceptions of each other.”
While he decides FOB”s future, Wentz is busy raising his child with wife, Ashlee Simpson Wentz, and continuing to run his label, Decaydance, whose roster includes such acts as Panic! At the Disco and Gym Class Heroes.  But he”s found out that being CEO and overseeing over musicians” careers  is really short-hand for playing poppa.
“Boys in bands are more difficult to deal with than one-year-old babies,” he says with a laugh. “I”ve been one of them and I am one of them, but it is the truth. Boys in bands are just big babies…I think I gave everybody too much room to call me at 3 a.m. and whine about this or that and I”m always talking them off the ledge. At the end of the day, we”re more of a gang than a label, but I end up being kind of like, not the godfather, I kind of end up being everybody”s big brother. Everybody calls me up and goes “This thing”s happening; it”s the end of the world” and I”m like “It”s not the end of the world because your record”s leaked, every one”s record leaks now… “
He”s also spending time playing video games: FOB appears in Activision”s new “Band Hero” game and he”s a gamer from way back, who recently got back into playing.   “When we did the Nintendo Fusion tour and Nintendo sent us these Wiis and we didn”t know anything about what they were, but I just fell in love with it. I threw my back out playing tennis…The best thing with the Wii is I play it when I”m semi… I”ve been overserved a little bit and I”m in my own house and there”s no paparazzi there. It”s great. Whenever I go play tennis, I”m always in some dumb outfit and get some stupid picture taken of me. You gotta do it sober. Not as fun.”

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