Peter Capaldi Is A Dapper Hobo In First ‘Doctor Who’ Promo Image



Can you hear it in the distance? Listen carefully. It's the sound of all the Whovians down in Gallifrey awakening from their slumbering hiatus, all stampeding towards the Internet in preparation of the new season of 'Doctor Who' premiering on BBC America on August 23rd.

And the BBC knows their audience. They know what we want. We want clues and hints and Peter Capaldi looking dashing. And they delivered with this first image from the first episode of the first season of the 12th (or 13th…or 14th…depending on your math) Doctor.

Photo Credit: BBC

So much to see in just one image. Let the parsing* begin!

Okay we've got an old-timey stage curtain in the background and Clara is back in Victorian frippery so right off the bat we know we're back in turn of the century England. Most likely London. Moffat and company have really been hammering home that time period since bringing Clara on board for whatever reason. But this means we get to see more Vastra and Jenny Flint (and Strax) so quite honestly the TARDIS can break down and strand them in Cheapside forever. Side note, raise your hand if you'd watch a spin-off entitled 'True Detective: Lizard Woman From The Dawn Of Time And Her Wife'.

But on to the main event: the Doctor! When last we saw our favorite Time Lord he was in a fairly nice blue shirt and suit jacket – see above. Not so the case now. No matter how many regenerations we go through, the Doctor can never seem to get his wardrobe quite right out the gate. Let's see what we're working with…he's wearing Tennant's trench coat. The white shirt underneath and black jacket on top could be nods to any number of former incarnations' fashion choices. But whatever is going on, it must be cold for him to be wearing AT LEAST four layers of clothing. How he goes from plucky hobo to this snazzy ensemble is still unknown*.

*This writer has been actively avoiding all spoilers revealed by the dastardly folks who leaked the scripts to the first five episodes. So if you know something, DON'T SAY SOMETHING. Take your spoilery ball and go home.

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