Peter Capaldi’s ‘Doctor Who’ set to premiere with ‘Deep Breath’ in August

06.27.14 3 years ago

Ray Burmiston, ©BBC/BBC Worldwide

The Doctor is in.  Or, more accurately, he will be on August 23rd at 8pm. 

Peter Capaldi's first full outing as “Doctor Who”'s Twelfth Doctor will be a “feature-length” affair entitled “Deep Breath.”  Capaldi will be joined by Jenna Coleman who is returning to the role of companion Clara Oswald, which she played last season as well. Also added to the cast this season is Samuel Anderson. He will play Danny Pink, a colleague of Clara's at the Coal Hill School.

Matt Smith, the previous incarnation of the Doctor, left the series following last year's Christmas Special and, as is the general tradition for the long-running science fiction series, audiences got to see Smith's Doctor regenerate into Capaldi's in that Christmas episode.  Prior to that, there was a brief glimpse of Capaldi in the series' 50th anniversary special, “Day of the Doctor,” in November.

Interestingly, Capaldi appeared on a previous episode of “Doctor Who,” and in “Doctor Who” spinoff “Torchwood.”  While the character Capaldi portrayed in each of those is, seemingly, not the Doctor,  there is certainly speculation as to how (or if) “Who” executive producer Steven Moffat will manage to tie it all together.

In the weeks leading up to the “Who” premiere, Capaldi and Coleman will be on a “world tour” making stops in Cardiff, London, Seoul, Sydney, New York, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro.

“Doctor Who” airs on BBC America.

UPDATED:  Check out the 15 second teaser

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