Pink writes two songs for Cher’s new album and Cher loves them

07.19.12 6 years ago

Pink has written two songs for Cher”s new album and Cher couldn”t be more delighted. The constant tweeter took to Twitter to reveal the details late last night.

“Had meeting 2night w/Record Co. They love song I”ve done. Got 2 new! Pink wrote them! Co wants it out end yr. pic”d single,” Cher tweeted, including a photo of herself taken in a mirror looking a little serious for such happy news. The album will be Cher’s first set of new studio material in more than a decade.

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A few minutes later, she updated, bummed she wasn”t hearing back from her nearly 750,000 followers, with whom she carries on often spirited debates. “Where”s every1? Record Co. loved ALL song [cq] Ive done. Alecia wrote 2 GREAT SONGS. SHE IS SO fkng TALENTED. Pic of me looks GRIM, BUT I”M HAPPY!”  Alecia Moore is Pink”s real name.

She later extolled Pink some more after a fan reminded her she’s been praising Pink for more than a decade “Pink is definitely MY Girl. She”s TALENT. Luv it.”

Cher finally got around to describing the songs. She said the first song is both rock and dance and “kicks much ass.” The second song is a ballad.

Cher also mentions “Gaga,” but gives no other details. So we”re hoping that means that the RedOne-produced tune she recorded written by Lady Gaga, “The Greatest Thing,” is on the album. Alleged demos of the song have surfaced onYouTube with only Lady Gaga singing, but it’s easy to hear where Cher would come in. The song, sometimes rumored to be a duet between the two artists,  was rumored to be coming out last fall, but never dropped.

 Pink is having a pretty good week: “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” the first single from her forthcoming album, soared into the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 this week.


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