Watch: ‘Predator’s’ Adrien Brody gets ready for his Sci-Fi summer

04.28.10 8 years ago

You can’t blame Adrien Brody for wanting to talk to the press when he walked the red carpet for the “Iron Man 2” world premiere on Monday night.  The Oscar winner has starred in big event pictures such as “King Kong” and “The Village,” but neither turned out to be the fan favorites moviegoers had hoped for.  Now, he’s got two films that could really break out this summer and, well, he may not be appearing in “Iron Man 2,” but he’s excited.

“Spice,” heading to theaters in June, was one of the few breakouts from the midnight series at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.  In fact, the thriller about two scientists that take gene splicing a bit too far was deemed so commercial that its going to be released by a major studio, Warner Bros.  It’s also arguably the only fix for horror fans after “A Nightmare on Elm Street” opens this week until August.

Much more intriguing is the buzz-about “Predators.”  Directed by Nimrod Antal and produced by Robert Rodriguez, this kick-start of the “Predator” franchise finds a group of human “warriors” dumped on a remote planet as sport for everyone’s favorite crab-faced alien hunters.  Brody talked about the opportunity to play a different type of role than he’s normally offered and to bring a bit of unexpected depth to an action flick.

You can watch the interview embedded in this page or for a larger version, click here.

“Splice” opens nationwide on June 4.

“Predators” hits theaters on July 7.

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