Prepare to fall in love with Nara the wobbly newborn camel

06.05.13 5 years ago

Newborn camel alert! Newborn camel alert! Her name is Nara, and she looks simultaneously like a creature from the “Star Wars” universe and something your little nephew made out of pipe cleaners at his summer camp. And it’s so hard for her to stand!

Nara was born a little over a month ago at a zoo in Zurich. She’s a Bactrian camel, a critically endangered species of which there are only about 2 million left in the world. The fate of camelkind rests on your wobbly shoulders, little Nara! Pretty soon this fluffball will grow up to be fetid and gross (have you ever seen a camel pee? It is not an appealing sight, let me tell you, and it goes on for like 20 minutes), but for now, she’s simply adorable as she tries to stand upright without toppling backwards onto her underdeveloped humps.

Trip to Zurich, anyone? You’re buying.

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