Press Tour: ‘Homeland’ creators to send Carrie ‘out in the field’

01.16.14 4 years ago 2 Comments


Though fans of “Homeland” took to the Internet to complain about the most recent season, Showtime President of Entertainment David Nevins put an upbeat spin on season three. “This is an instantaneous review culture,” he said, hinting at fan response, before adding that the series hit the 7 million viewer mark for the network. “Our newest shows are also our highest rated shows.”

And sometimes, high ratings also come with viewer discontent. Nevins assured fans that following the “major reset at the end of this season,” the show’s creators are “deeply immersed” in a new direction. “I know this is a show that’s fundamentally about a field operative, and we really haven’t seen her… out in the field operating. The likely plan for next year is you will see her on the ground, doing her job. Those guys are working here next week, [and next they’re going to] spend the week in Washington, where they have an amazing itinerary. They have the top floor in a CIA club. There’s a couple things they’re working on; we’ll see what comes back in a month. 

Okay, but how did Nevins react to the criticism aimed at this season? “There are certain things that didn’t surprise me. [But] this season was pretty brilliant in its architecture. They started out with this story about Iran and the audacity of regime change in Iran… certainly before we knew about the talks between Obama’s administration and Rouhani’s administration. It was pretty audacious. I thought it was a really interesting season, but we always knew we were heading toward a major reset.”

What did you think of the latest season of “Homeland”? 

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