Press Tour: ‘The Fall’ creator expects Season 3, bemoans potential remake

01.07.15 3 years ago


The second season of “The Fall” won't premiere on Netflix until January 16, so don't go spoiling things, fancy-pants British who have already seen all six episodes.

I'm certainly not going to spoil anything from the second season, which concluded on BBC One on December 17, but at the Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday (January 7) morning, creator Allan Cubitt teased that a third season is likely, even if hasn't been formally announced.

“We're in a situation where I'm very confident there will be a third season.  But because of internal BBC situation at the moment, it hasn't been officially announced,” Cubitt told reporters. “I think the story can continue, but I'll have to reserve judgment on that, I think, until I get the green light and the go-ahead.”

“The Fall” originally premiered on BBC Two in May 2013 and drama, which stars  Gillian Anderson as a British police officer tracking a serial killer (Jamie Dornan) in Belfast, migrated to Netflix soon after. While the first season was produced for the Beeb, but only distributed by Netflix, the second season has become a co-production with Netflix. 

So that means that “The Fall” is already partially an American show and it features a rather well-known American leading lady, as well as a leading man who was a regular on one network show (“Once Upon a Time”) and has a large studio movie coming up. But that hasn't stopped Hollywood from circling “The Fall,” Cubitt says.

“We were approached, and we had a deal that fell through for a remake of 'The Fall,'” Cubitt says. 

I can't instantly find a record of that deal/development, but given FOX's remake of “Broadchurch” and the network's possible development of a “Luther” remake (as well as dozens of other Brit-to-Yank translations of the years), it's hardly surprising that the idea was floated.

Though many a Brit creator has had a hand in Americanizing their shows, Cubitt doesn't seem enthusiastic about the prospect.

“I think there's probably still sort of, maybe, interest out there,” He said. “I think maybe after the second season, there might be more. For me, we share a common language. I'm not quite sure why you would remake 'The Fall,' particularly for the American market. I'm really gratified by the fact that Belfast accents seem to present no problem. So I'm very happy with you guys watching what we've created.”

So set that quote aside for when the remake rises again.

“The Fall” Season 2 begins on Netflix on January 16. 

Don't spoil it!

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