‘Psycho’ house scares up a spot on NY museum’s roof

04.20.16 2 years ago

The home to priceless art from Rembrandt and Picasso has just added a house of horrors to its collection.

The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art”s popular rooftop garden will now feature a replica of the famed Psycho house. The work comes from British artist Cornelia Parker, who decided to recreate the exterior of Norman Bates” residence from the 1960 Hitchcock classic.

“I wanted to put something architectural on the roof, but incongruous,” Parker said. “The Psycho house is…all the dark, psychological stuff you don”t really want to look at.”

The house itself is actually only two sides of the facade, as it”s backed into a corner. However for visitors who crane their head around, they can see the guts of the project.

The piece is appropriately called “PsychoHouse.” It opened April 19 and will be at the Met from now until October 31 (naturally).

Check out the video below to see how it was made.

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