Queen Latifah considers hip-hop return

05.07.10 7 years ago

Queen Latifah and Common”s musical moment together on screen of “Just Wright” is sort of inevitable: here, one long-standing MC meets with a standards singer, who happens to be one of the first big-name female rappers in hip-hop history.

While the pair recorded at least one song together for the romance flick – “The Next Time” by Common featuring Latifah – that doesn”t mean it”s the last time they”ll be working together on music.
“I”m sure we”re gonna collaborate again ’cause we just click like that,” Latifah said in an interview with HitFix. As previously reported, Common thinks the same, particularly when it comes to his new album “The Believer” this fall. While Latifah didn”t mention she plans on rapping on that set, Common most certainly hopes she gives it a whirl.
So what of her rapping, past and future? Is this hip-hop royalty considering a return to the game, after a few years of jazz, soul and blues standards singing on sets like “Persona,” her newest disc from 2009?
“It has to be right, and it has to be me. I don”t want to return to records that a 22-year-old was making, ’cause I”m not 22. I wanna make grown-up hip-hop. But still something a 22-year-old would like. It has to be something that feels good for grown people, and push the game forward,” she says, though falling short of confirming she”s working on a hip-hop oriented set.
Queen Latifah is, however working on the “next” standards album already, plus a “whole ‘nother thing… I can”t even tell you about – that one is a banger.” Perhaps new material will surface this weekend, as she takes the stage for Lilith Fair for two dates this summer.
Meanwhile, she”s been trying to keep her eye on female rapper”s still trying to cut out their own in the male-dominated industry. She mentioned the new mixtape from Jackie-O and relative newcomers Nicki Minaj and Diamond in a slew of more seasoned vets like Eve, Lil Kim and Missy Elliot (the latter of whom Latifah said she”s sure “she”s working on stuff”).
“I”m on a wait-and-see place right now, who breaks from the pack and really becomes something… it”s time to have a revolution, if you will, and I do what I can to support it.”

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