Queen Latifah on marrying 33 couples, Macklemore & Lewis and her new nickname

01.27.14 4 years ago

While some are crediting Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with bringing a new openness to rap music for their same-sex anthem, “Same Love,” Queen Latifah, who performed with the duo on the Grammys, says rap has always addressed topical issues.

“I don”t think this is new ground for hip hop,” she said in the print press room. “When I started rapping it was much more common for rappers to speak about different  things going on in the world. We”re part of the reason that apartheid was changed, according to the attention of a lot of people who didn”t know what was going on or  violence in the communities anything that was some time of social justice, we”ve always been able to talk about through hip hop i hope this is inspiration to all the rappers out there and all the hip hop artists out there that they can continue to tackle any subject that they want. Tackle what may seem like a difficult subject to start.”

As far as presiding over the marriage of 33 same-sex and heterosexual couples, Queen Latifah took her duties very seriously. “I had to get sworn in as a commissioner by the state of California, so you can call me Queen Commish.”  She was touched by the participants” courage to get married on TV, regardless of their orientation.  “It wouldn”t matter whether it was same sex couples, heterosexual couples, bi-racial couples…this is someone”s life commitment. You want to make sure you do it right. That was what sunk in for me.”

And with that, she was off to sign the 33 marriage certificates.

The video embedded in this piece is from the TV room, so it says some great stuff beyond what Queen Latifah said in the print room.



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