Quentin Tarantino confirms ‘Kill Bill, Vol. 3,’ but who’s left to kill?

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During promotion for the first two “Kill Bill” films, creator Quentin Tarantino hypothisized that he’d like to return for a third installment that would take place 10 years afterward the second film ended.  Six years since Vol. 1 and a little over five years since Vol. 2, Tarantino has made waves by letting everyone know he hasn’t abandoned his original plan.

Speaking during a press conference for “Inglourious Basterds” in Mexico on Saturday, Tarantino says he still plays to shoot “Kill Bill 3” in or around 2014.  According to Variety, the filmmaker said he’d also film a different picture inbetween.  He’s currently contemplating a “re-imagining” of a number of genres including a Western or a ’30s type gangster movie. 

“Kill Bill, Vol. 2” ended with The Bride (Uma Thurman) reunited with her baby and all of her targets killed or close to it.  Most speculate that “Copperhead’s” daughter, who is spared in “Vol. 1,” would be the most likely protagonist now that she’s all grown up and no doubt has revenge of her own on her mind. Curiously, the “Bill” portion of the film would be difficult to incorporate even in flashbacks after the untimely death of David Carradine this past summer.

More questions surround who exactly would produce the new feature.  It’s unclear whether this is a project the Weinstein’s were allowed to keep the rights too when they left Miramax in 2005 or whether it would kick back to the recently gutted, but still kicking indie specialty label.  Needless to say, parent company Disney would hardly be adverse to making a sequel to a series that has already grossed $332 million worldwide.  Plus, the mammoth success of “Basterds” this summer ensures (at least for the time being) that Tarantino’s reign in pop culture is hardly over.

Thurman will be seen in theaters later this month in the romantic comedy “Motherhood.”

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Can you wait another 5 years for a third “Kill Bill?  Do you think it’s still a good idea?  Share your thoughts below.

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