Radiohead officially releases ‘Twisted Words’ track for free, btw.mp3 surfaces

08.17.09 8 years ago

Katie Hasty

“These Are My Twisted Words” really is a Radiohead track and the track is really, really up, for free, on the band’s website.

Band noisemaker Jonny Greenwood posted the following to Radiohead’s website today:

So here’s a new song, called ‘These Are My Twisted Words’.

We’ve been recording for a while, and this was one of the first we finished. We’re pretty proud of it.

There’s other stuff in various states of completion, but this is one we’ve been practicing, and which we’ll probably play at this summer’s concerts. Hope you like it.

“Other stuff” may be reference to what is still rumored to be a Radiohead EP or collection “Wall Of Ice.” As previously reported, the prospect arose after a “leaked” version of “Twisted Words” hit the torrent sites last Tuesday, with information pointing at today, Monday, Aug. 17, as a release date for something., when it first came up, pointed to the Radiohead W.A.S.T.E. store, with no other explanation. Today, the site is a bit feistier.

Don’t just publish bullshit only to get hits on your webpage.
Don’t just create your own stories after reading one post on a message board.

Get your facts straight.

OMG OMG OMG they’re talking about us!

The site also includes links to the Google search of “wall of ice” and a link to follow the Twitter topic of the same name.

But that’s not all! There’s also an audio embed of all-instrumental/electronic track — btw.mp3 — which lasts about 1:08 and doesn’t sound unlike Radiohead.

The actual nomenclature of the post doesn’t sound much like them, but then again, frontman Thom Yorke told The Believer, “”I mean, I don’t spend my fucking life downloading free MP3s, because I hate the websites. No one seems to know what they’re talking about.”

OMG he’s talking about us!

That being said, the site isn’t registered to the group, or it’s W.A.S.T.E. store, but to somebody in the Netherlands. Which isn’t exactly the group’s homebase.

BUT! How would the owners know that Radiohead would be posting something directly to the W.A.S.T.E. store? Is it the chicken, the “Twisted Words” post its egg?

Is the MP3 another clue to endlessly Google, another leg to this spide, another of the “first we finished?” Did Radiohead “leak” “Twisted Words,” or are they just copping to it?

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