Radiohead releasing ‘King of Limbs’ 12″ single remix series this summer

06.06.11 7 years ago

While I’ve given up some hope that Radiohead will be touring in support of “King of LImbs,” the band hasn’t apparently walked from all promotions.

The British rock and experimental troupe will be releasing a series of 12″ singles this summer, of reduxes from their latest set.

First up is a remix of “Little By Little” by personal fave Caribou, and “Lotus Flower” from Jacques Greene. The latter is a lesser known, young electronic/DJ, also from Canada. Big break, huh? This limited edition run will be out on July 5.

Audio nerds (raise your hands) will be able to purchase WAV versions of the tracks through Boomkat and Radiohead’s site; physical releases will be sold exclusively at independent record stores. Radiohead apparently feels Record Store Day should run all year.

No word yet what the other releases will be, who will be remixing them and when they will drop.

It’s tough at this point to gauge Radiohead’s own feelings on their record; as I mentioned in my review, they don’t seem to interested in pleasing The People with the same album twice, and are intent on creating new sounds if just for themselves. Perhaps the intention was to always have remixers attached to the product.

Who would you like to see remix “King of Limbs” tracks?

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