Ratt Goes “Round and Round” Again

12.16.08 9 years ago

Nothing screams “Season’s Greetings” like Ratt’s “Round and Round,” so we had to snicker (just a little) when we heard that Ratt and the Donnas were going on a mini- tour that starts Dec. 26. There’s something poetically perfect about a band like Ratt starting a holiday tour the day after Christmas.

The glam group is basically a one-trick Ratt, living off of the success of “Round and Round” for two decades now–although they did score five platinum or gold albums. They did eek out a few other hits, but the timing of “Round and Round” coinciding with the early ’80s rise of MTV, creating a harmonic convergence of hair bands near and far for the rest of the ’80s until grunge intervened. But like a bad penny, “Round and Round” just keeps showing back up in movies and films lo these many years later.

The good news is that Ratt will release its first new album in 10 years next year. According to the Chinese calendar, 2009 is the year of the ox, but maybe, just maybe, it will again be the year of the Ratt.  

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