‘Ray Donovan’ adds Ann-Margaret

02.24.14 4 years ago

“Ray Donovan” adds Ann-Margaret
The Hollywood legend will recur as a woman from Elliott Gould”s past.

A&E will try out a “Bates Motel” after-show

The 30-minute “Bates Motel: After Hours” will be shown one hour after the Season 2 premiere next week. If all goes well, A&E could bring it back as a regular series.

RIP Harold Ramis: The comedy legend directed 4 episodes of “The Office”
Ramis, who began his career on “SCTV,” directed Pam”s childbirth. And, as producer Michael Schur tweeted, “Harold Ramis directed The Office Christmas episode S3, and it was so good we just made it an hour long so we wouldn’t have to cut anything.”

“It”s ugly, it”s sweaty, it”s painful,” “Jeopardy!”s” Arthur Chu says of his strategy
“But it worked,” he says. “For thousands and thousands of dollars at stake, for me, that”s what I had to do. PLUS: Chu returns to “Jeopardy!” tonight.

Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony down sharply “The Amazing Race” has its lowest-rated premiere
The Sochi closer was the lowest-rated Closing Ceremonies ever in the 18-49 demo.

There are too many reasons why “Piers Morgan Tonight” failed
Was it his staunch Britishness? Or was it his abrasive personality? PLUS: Clearly, CNN made a serious misjudgment with Morgan.

“True Detective” is mistreating its women on purpose
The women of “True Detective” are presented as a “parade of scolds, sluts, and the strung-out,” says Willa Paskin. But that”s the point creator Nic Pizzolatto is trying to get across. “Ignoring women may be the show”s blind spot, but it is also one of its major themes,” she says. PLUS: This was the first disappointing episode, in defense of last night”s plot twists, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson did some tango or salsa dancing before last night”s big scene, and Michelle Monaghan defends the show”s treatment of its female characters.

Paula Deen rides Food Network”s Robert Irvine, says: “I”m back in the saddle”
Deen made her declaration Sunday at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival.

“Downton Abbey” creator addresses this season”s criticism, and the rape storyline

Says Julian Fellowes: “So many women have had to conceal things that have happened to them, because if they reveal them, they went down, too. It was very important that it should be completely clear that it is not the victim”s fault at all. This was a chance to make the argument for the innocent rape victim who has done nothing to deserve it.” PLUS: Why was this season so disappointing?

Jason Alexander took the “Which ‘Seinfeld” character Are You?” quiz
And he got Jerry.

“Party Down South” star arrested for allegedly burglarizing a car
Lyle Boudreaux stole a cred it card, police say.

Look back at the last 3 “Late Night” launches
David Letterman in 1982, Conan O”Brien in 1993 and Jimmy Fallon 2009.

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