‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Do you think Kandi should trust Porsha?

03.30.14 4 years ago 2 Comments


Somebody catch me, because I may just fall over from shock any minute. Was there actually a peaceful resolution of a conflict between two women (and their respective menfolk) on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”? Did my eyes deceive me? Did I imagine that there was a civilized discussion of feelings without screaming or hair pulling? This may mark the beginning of the end for the entire franchise. How can we carry on from here? 

But yes, it seems that the silly, chest-puffing fight between Gregg and Peter in Mexico was calmly put to bed with a few vodka tonics and a little hand holding. That's a relief, as I don't think I could stand to watch two middle-aged guys get into a slap fight in their relaxed-fit khakis and button-down shirts. Still, if any two friends were going to peacefully resolve their differences on this show, it was going to be Gregg and Peter. While NeNe shouldn't have called Peter a bitch (and all of her apologies seemed pretty half-hearted, if you ask me), Peter was willing to accept Gregg's offer of his “deepest sympathy,” as if Peter had actually died or lost a sweater or something. It didn't entirely make sense, but Cynthia evened the score by calling Gregg a bitch and everyone was able to carry on from there. 

I had been thinking there might be a fight given Cynthia's heart-to-heart with Peter. Cynthia assured him she had no problem telling NeNe she was out of line (ha!) and didn't want to be friends with anyone who disrespected the two of them (since when?). But predictably Cynthia collapsed like a portable pup tent and all was well. 

Fortunately, there was plenty of drama in the rest of the episode. To wit, Kenya got a baby doll. Wait, let me rephrase. Kenya got a baby doll that was specially programmed to act like a real child so that she could practice her parenting skills. So, a fancy baby doll. After declaring that her doll was just like a real child, Kenya tossed it into a chair like a stinky throw pillow. For some reason, she seemed surprised that it cried in response to this potentially brain-damaging approach to mothering. I am thinking that Kenya may just want to get another Velvet-sized dog, as she won't be able to carry a baby in her purse.

Kenya does find some humor in this fully ridiculous situation, explaining she wouldn't name the doll Apollo (she doesn't want it to go to jail), Porsha (because she wants it to someday be able to find the U.S. on a map) or NeNe (because she wants it to be born with hair). So, uh, NeNe's bald? 

The other notable problem that seems to be brewing is between Kandi and Porsha. Porsha is seemingly convinced that she's not only a big star (only in Atlanta, dear) but doesn't need to do boring stuff like rehearse, learn her character's name, or share a dressing room. In the interest of keeping the peace, both Kandi and Porsha are tiptoeing around one another like they're hunting wascally wabbits, but if Porsha keeps trying to weasel out of rehearsals I think Kandi might empty a can of whup-ass on her, and rightfully so. For reasons I can't fully understand, Porsha thinks that she can skip over all of the hard work and head directly to stardom. Oh, wait, that's pretty much the entire purpose of reality TV. Never mind. Anyway, good think Kandi got an understudy for Porsha. I suspect that hire will come in handy sooner than she knows.

Do you think Kandi should fire Porsha? Do you think Cynthia was too forgiving? Would you hire Phaedra as a mortician?

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